Jessica Fuller



Jessica Fuller practices in the areas of family and criminal law and conducts legal research and writing for other lawyers.  She has recently expanded her practice to include providing unbundled or limited retainer family law services for self-represented litigants. 

Jessica was born and raised in British Columbia and moved to Pembroke, Ontario after completing her articles in Edmonton, Alberta with Alexander Pringle, QC.   Jessica worked as an associate at a Pembroke law firm for four years practicing criminal, family and small claims court litigation.  She has conducted numerous trials in the Alberta Provincial Court, Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice and Small Claims Court.  While she misses her time in the courtroom, Jessica is currently focusing her practice on legal research and writing.  

Jessica is passionate about ensuring that all individuals in Canada have access to justice.  Throughout her three years of law school she was actively involved in providing criminal defence services to Edmonton's low-income population through Student Legal Services at the University of Alberta.  In Ontario she represented individuals on Legal Aid certificates and provided pro bono services to those in need of representation who did not qualify for Legal Aid.

Areas of Practice

Family Law - Limited Scope Retainer/Unbundled Legal Services 

Jessica understands that the number of people who cannot afford to privately hire a lawyer is growing.   If you are a self-represented family law litigant seeking the support of a lawyer for specific aspects of your court experience, Jessica may be able to assist you with any of the following: 

  • drafting family court documents such as Applications, Answers, Financial Statements, Offers to Settle, Case or Settlement Conference Briefs, affidavits, motion materials, etc.
  • conducting legal research on specific topics 
  • providing Independent Legal Advice and review of separation agreements or final minutes of settlement
  • legal coaching to give you direction on how to navigate the court system, how to prepare for different court proceedings and present your arguments in an effective manner

Jessica is a family law member of two Ontario organizations that support self-represented litigants: Self-Rep Navigators and Ontario's Family Law Limited Scope Services Project.  Both of these websites provide several helpful resources for individuals who are navigating the family law system without a fully retained lawyer.

Family Law - Separation Agreements 

Jessica is able to negotiate and draft separation agreements for couples who are married and separating or are ending a common-law relationship.  This can involve obtaining the necessary financial disclosure to ensure that your assets are fairly divided and appropriate child and spousal support are being paid, drafting terms to outline the custody and parenting schedule that is appropriate for your children, and providing certainty regarding the division of property and payment of debt and support on an interim or final basis.  

Family Law - Military Families 

The significant portion of Jessica's clients are members or spouses of the Canadian Armed Forces.  Jessica is a military spouse and familiar with addressing family law issues that can be unique to military families such as severance pay, non-taxable and taxable benefits in child support, mobility issues, pension division, deployments, OUTCAN postings, military benefits, and BGRS benefits.

Family Law - Adoptions

Jessica is able to draft adoption applications for individuals or couples who are expanding their families through private, public or step-parent adoptions.  


  • Called to the Law Society of Alberta and the Law Society of Ontario (2013)
  • JD from the University of Alberta (2012)
  • BSc Food Nutrition & Health (Hons) from University of British Columbia (2007)