Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Our experienced real estate team is committed to providing you with quality service at affordable rates.

We assist clients with commercial and residential transactions. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing a property, JFC is qualified to represent you throughout the transaction.


Michael Conroy is an IRP/Brookfield approved lawyer.

Wills and Estate Planning

Good estate planning will help avoid lengthy delays and costs in probate and asset transfers and expensive legal fees arising from vague and confusing wills.

By making a Will, you can choose your own beneficiaries. You can establish trusts and determine at what age your beneficiaries will receive their inheritance. A Will may also provide opportunities to save or defer tax when you die and allow your beneficiaries to save tax on their inheritance.

Wills can be used to provide for complex family arrangements, such as including children from previous marriages or giving a second spouse the right to occupy the family home, while protecting the capital of the estate for the children from an earlier marriage.

Powers of Attorney 

There are two types of Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney for Personal Care gives your "attorney(s)" the right to make decisions about your health care and other decisions about your personal life if you become mentally incapable of making these decisions. A Power of Attorney for Property gives your "attorney(s)" the right to make decisions about your financial affairs.

If you do not have a Power of Attorney and something happens to you, other arrangements will have to be made which may result in delays and additional expenses.

Estate Administration

We assist estate trustees with administration of estates and trusts that often will involve numerous legal and financial intricacies that make the administration of an estate complex.

Business Law

We act for sole proprietors, partnerships and private corporations. These clients rely on us for advice and services in a wide range of business matters, including incorporations, purchase and sales of a business, amalgamations, and shareholder and partnership agreements.

Family Law

We deal with divorce and separation, child custody and access, spousal and child support, division or equalization of family property, treatment of a matrimonial home, enforcement of support payments, domestic contracts and adoptions.

JFC is also able to provide self-represented family law litigants with the option of choosing which services they need on a limited-scope retainer.  A limited scope retainer means that the lawyer you retain does not fully represent you on your entire court case.  The lawyer can provide you with specified services that you both agree on in advance.  This allows a self-represented individual the option to choose the services that he or she needs and can afford.  This could include any of the following:

  • drafting and preparation of court documents including Applications, Affidavits, Financial Statements, Answers, Case and Settlement Conference Briefs and Offers to Settle
  • obtaining a legal research memorandum, brief or factum on specific legal issues 
  • providing you with legal advice or an opinion about a draft agreement 
  • providing you with legal advice on a particular problem